To set your pickup and delivery hours:

  1. Go to Locations and click on the location you want to edit
  2. Click on the Hours tab and make edits (pickup should match your store's hours of operation; delivery hours should be set based on the earliest and latest delivery times you want a customer to be able to receive orders)
  3. Click on Update Hours

Make sure your delivery hours match your ability to deliver orders by the times you specify. For instance, if your store opens at 11 am, but the earliest a delivery person can be at a customer’s door with an order is 11:30am, then you should set your Delivery Open time to 11:30am. Similarly, if your store closes at 9:00pm, but the latest a delivery person can be at their door is 8:30pm, you should set your Delivery Close time to 8:30pm. 

Keep in mind that when customers are placing ASAP orders, they will be limited by your default wait times. If your store closes at 10pm and your wait time is set to 1 hour, the latest time a customer would be able to place an ASAP order would be 9pm. However, if it's before 9pm, customers will still be able to place orders for 10pm.

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