Sometimes you may want to assign a promo code to a particular customer instead of allowing all customers to use a given promo code. To do this, Brandibble allows you to tie promo codes to a list of approved email addresses. 

Here’s how to go about doing this:

  1. Create a new promo code (or edit an existing one) and select Yes in the Approved Email Address dropdown (instructions on how to create new promo codes here)
  2. If you only want the customer to be able to use the promo code once, be sure to set the Max Uses per Customer field to 1
  3. Click on Add / Update Promo Code
  4. Click on Approved Emails 
  5. Click on Add New Email Address
  6. Select the promo code from the dropdown menu
  7. Enter the approved email address
  8. Click on Approve Email Address

After you’ve added one or more email addresses to the list for a given promo code, you can see the list of approved email addresses either by:

  • Going to Customers > Promo Codes and clicking on View List under the Approved Emails column for the promo codeGoing to Customers > Promo Codes, clicking on the promo code itself, and clicking on Approved Emails

If you’d like to remove a customer from the approved list, all you need to do is click Delete in the Remove from list column in the Approved Emails tab. However, please note that they can only be removed if they have not already redeemed the promo code.

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