Whether a customer is new to your business, or already loyal to your brand, all customers love promo codes. Brandibble allows you to easily create and manage them so you can love them too.

There are 2 types of promo codes available:

  • Dollar: a certain dollar amount discount
  • Percentage: a certain percentage discount

Free Item promo codes should only be used in special cases and will not automatically add menu items to customers' carts. 

To create a new code: 

  1. Go to Customers > Promo Codes
  2. Click on Add New Promo Code
  3. Fill in all of the Required Settings (see tips below)
  4. Fill in any of the Optional Settings (see tips below)
  5. Click on Add Promo Code

Required Settings

  • Promo Code: The name of the promo code should be 15 characters or less, and can include any combination of letters and numbers
  • Status: To turn off a promo code, change its status to Inactive
  • Type of Discount: Designates promo code as a dollar amount off, percentage off, or if it's a free item
  • Discount Amount / Free Item Message: Amount of dollar discount or percentage discount, based on your Type of Discount answer above 
  • Max Uses: The number of times this promo code can be used, across all customers
  • Max Uses Per Customer: The max times one customer can use this Promo Code
  • Tax Impact: If you choose Applied Before Tax, the promo code discount will be applied before sales tax is calculated, which will reduce the sales tax amount; if you choose Applied Before Tax, the promo code discount will be applied after sales tax is calculated
  • Surcharge Impact: If you choose Applied After Surcharge, the promo code will be applied to the subtotal after any surcharges are applied, which allows you to discount both the order total and the surcharge
  • Requires Manager Approval: This option is to force manager approval for any customer that uses this specific discount code

Optional Settings

  • Location Type: This defaults to Both Catering and Online Ordering but you could create a promo code for Catering Only if you were advertising a new catering menu
  • Service Type: This defaults to Both Delivery and Pickup, but if you wanted to encourage customers to pick up their food, you could create a code that only works for Pickup Only
  • Start Date: Set the date you would like your customers to be able to begin redeeming your Promo Code here
  • End Date: Set the last date that your customers will be able to redeem the Promo Code on - learn more about Start and End dates here
  • Approved Email Address: Generally, you will want to set this to No unless you only want specific email addresses to redeem this promo code - you can learn how to do so here
  • Domain: Enter a domain to restrict promo to users with emails ending in a certain domain. (e.g., you would enter a domain if you wanted to create a promo code to attract employees of a certain business near your store)
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