When a customer checks out on the checkout page of your Brandibble-powered site, we authorize their credit card. This means we make sure the credit card is valid and that it has sufficient funds for the dollar amount in question.

If a customer later edits this order (if it’s a future order or a catering order for a future date), then we void the previous authorization and authorize their card again. This is because the dollar amount likely changed as they were making edits to their order. 

Once you confirm the order on the Brandibble New Orders page*, that's when we actually charge the card. This means we capture the funds from the customer, and the funds will be transferred to your bank account once the transaction settles.

If by chance you cancel an order from the New Orders page, then we void the authorization that occurred on the checkout page, and the card is never charged. Voids can only be done in full – there are no partial voids.

After a credit card has been charged (i.e. captured), then it can be refunded, either in full or in part, from the Brandibble Old Orders page. Orders can be partially refunded multiple times, but you cannot reverse a refund.

*If you’re using one of our POS integrations, then you’re likely not confirming orders on the New Orders page. In this case, the customer’s credit card is charged when the order is sent to the POS.

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