The Holiday Hours section of the Hours tab for each location allows you to preset holiday hours or close a location entirely on certain dates. Below is what this section looks like once you’ve added some holidays.

The first two entries above for 1/1 and 12/25 show holidays where this location is fully closed – the Open and Close columns for both Pickup and Delivery were left completely blank. When you leave a field blank like this, the word “Closed” shows up to make it clear that the location is closed for either Pickup or Delivery (or both).

When you do this, the word or phrase in the first column (“New Year’s Day” or “Closed for Christmas”) will show up next to the day in any dropdowns where this date is included and the option will be disabled and grayed out so that your customers will not be able to select it.

In the case of Catering locations, the date becomes disabled / grayed out in the calendar, also preventing customers from selecting it.

To add holiday hours:

  1. Go to Locations and select the location you want to edit
  2. Click on Hours and scroll down
  3. Under Holiday Hours, enter a holiday name, date it will be effective, and open / close hours for both pickup and delivery
  4. If you won't be offering pickup on the holiday, just leave the hours empty and customers won't be able to select that service when they're placing an order - same goes for delivery
  5. Click on Update Hours

Adjusting holiday hours

If you just want to adjust the hours on a certain day, then you need to populate the Open and Close fields for each of Pickup and Delivery (or just one of them).

Removing holiday hours

If want to remove a holiday after it passes (for holidays like Thanksgiving, which fall on a different date each year), then all you have to do is click on the Menu button in each row. From here, you can also select Add To All Locations or Remove From All Locations, which will either copy the holiday hours to all of your Online Ordering and catering locations or remove them. The Remove option remove the hours from the location you're editing in only

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