Order ratings allow you to collect feedback from your customers and respond to any issues in a timely manner. Ratings are done on a 1-5 scale (with 5 being the best), and there’s an optional comments field for customers who would like to provide additional feedback.

It’s worth noting that these ratings aren’t published anywhere on your Brandibble site – it’s purely a way for you to gather feedback from your customers. So they are not like public Yelp ratings that are seen by other customers.

How it works

There are two ways to collect ratings from your customers, and you can turn on both simultaneously if you’d like.

  • Option 1: Add “Rate This Order” links next to each order in the Order History section of the customer account page
  • Option 2: Send a follow up email to the customer some number of hours after an order is delivered or picked up (you choose the number of hours)

Just to reiterate, these two approaches can be used in combination – they are not mutually exclusive.

Here’s what the first option looks like on the Customer Account page:

And here’s what the automated email looks like. Your brand’s version of this email will reflect your brand’s aesthetic (just like your customer confirmation emails), and you can customize the email content and the star icons themselves.

When the customer taps on one of the stars in the email above or clicks the “Rate This Order” link on the account page, they’re taken to a page that looks like this:

When a rating is submitted by a customer, your team will receive an email with the rating and any additional feedback provided by the customer. The rating will also show up in the Order Ratings report on the backend, which allows you to filter ratings by various parameters (number of stars, location, etc.) and see aggregate stats on the filtered rating set.

How to set it up

To turn on order ratings:

  1. Go to Settings > Order Ratings
  2. Fill out the various fields

If you don’t want to provide custom rating icons, defaults will be filled in for you when you submit the page.

If you leave the Hours fields set to zero, then follow up emails will NOT be sent to your customers. You’ll need to set the fields to something other than zero in order to turn on the automated emails.

Once you’ve submitted your settings, you can click on Preview Email to see what the automated email will look like.

Once this setting is turned on and customers start rating orders, you’ll receive email notifications when ratings are submitted. They’ll also show up in the Order Ratings report when you go to Reporting  > Ratings so you can quickly review multiple ratings at once, apply filters, and see aggregate stats.

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