The purpose of the House Account payment type is to allow certain customers to place orders without paying with a credit card when they’re checking out. When a House Account order is later confirmed and delivered by your employees, the order is marked as CLOSED in Brandibble, but the payment status remains UNPAID. This is because the order has been delivered (and eaten), but it hasn’t been paid for yet – you still need to collect payment from the customer. 

To create house accounts:

  1. Click on Customers > House Accounts
  2. Click on Add New House Account
  3. Fill out all of the required fields and as many optional fields as you'd like
  4. If you are creating a pin, make sure you share it with your customer
  5. Click on Add New House Account to confirm 

Once you've created a house account, you must also add users that are able to use the account for payment.

  1. Click on the Customers tab
  2. Click on Add New Contact
  3. Add the customer's email address and click Add Contact
  4. If you get the This customer does not exist notice, fill out the info and give them a password - they can later change this

If you are limiting the house account to certain locations:

  1. Click on the Locations tab and select the stores the house account can be used in
  2. Click on Update Locations

The last thing is to make sure you have House Account selected as a payment option. You can do this for each location individually on the Order Settings tab, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Locations and select the location you'd like to edit
  2. Click on Order Settings
  3. Check the box next to House Account under Payment Type Settings
  4. Click on Update Order Settings

Note that you must select House Account for both Pickup and Delivery separately.

You're all set! Whenever your customer places an order, they will be able to select the House Account option for payment. As your customers place orders with house accounts, you will be able to see them in the Orders tab.

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