In order process refunds in Brandibble, follow the instructions below.

Go to Orders > Order Management and select the location the order was placed in. 

If the order hasn't been confirmed yet it will be under New Orders:

  1. Click on Cancel Order

This will effectively void the transaction and not charge the customer. You can confirm this by clicking on Old Orders.

If you're refunding a past order, it will be under Old Orders:

  1. Go to Old Orders
  2. If the date is earlier than today, select the date the order was placed on using the date picker on the right
  3. Click on Refund

Please note that all refunds are final and cannot be undone.

If you're using one of our direct POS integrations, you will also need to mark the order as refunded, or partially refunded, on your POS as we do not communicate that information to the system.

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