How Promo Code Redemptions Work

How Your Customers Enter Promo Codes

Your customer will enter their Promo Code on the Checkout page after they’ve placed their order and verified their delivery information:

promo code enter

Once they’ve clicked the “Apply Promo Code” button, they will see that the Promo Code was applied here:

promo code applied

Keeping Track of Promo Code Usage

If you want to see how many Promo Codes have been redeemed, you can use the “Promo Redemptions” report by going to Reporting >> Promo Redemptions.  Choose the dates you’d like included in your report, and the Promo Code you’d like to be included in the report, then click on the “Display Report” button.

In this example, I can see that one person used “PromoCode02” in December.  I can also see which location they ordered from, how much their total bill was, and how much they saved with the Promo Code.

promo code report

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