How “Free Item Giveaway” promo codes work

There are 3 types of promo codes available in Brandibble:

  • Dollar: a certain dollar amount discount, such as $5 off or $10 off.
  • Percentage: a certain percentage discount, such as 25% off.
  • Free Item Giveaway: allows the customer to get a “free something” with their order, such as a “Free Soup with Entree” promo.

When a customer is using a Free Item Giveaway promo code, they should NOT actually order the free item. They should order whatever is required in order to get the free item, but NOT the free item itself.

To continue our example above, if you want to give away a free soup to anyone who orders an entree (and knows to enters the promo code), all the customer has to do is (a) order the entree and (b) enter the promo code on the Brandibble checkout page.

For this reason, you will want your free items to be fairly specific, such as a “free chicken noodle soup” or something along those lines. Alternatively, you can ask your customers to enter the type of soup they want in the Delivery Instructions field on the checkout page.

If you want to make the free item more general without asking them to use the Delivery Instructions field, than we would suggest using a Dollar promo code instead of a Free Item Giveaway promo code. In this case, you would just set the dollar amount to the value of the free item, which would allow the customer to choose any item they want.

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