How to fix the “413 Request Entity Too Large” error when uploading an image

If you’re getting an error when trying to upload an image, it’s likely because the file size of the image is too big. The file size limit for Brandibble is currently 1 MB (“MB” stands for megabyte), so trying to upload an image that’s larger than 1 MB will generate a “413 Request Entity Too Large” error, which looks like this:


For small images, we generally recommend file sizes in the range of 20-40 KB (kilobytes).

For large images, we generally recommend file sizes in the range of 100-150 KB (kilobytes).

To fix the error, you’ll need to reduce the size of your image before you try uploading it again. Please see below on how to do this, depending on which kind of computer you’re using.

For Mac Users

If you’re using a Mac running Mac OS X, please follow these steps

  1. Go to Applications and open up Preview.
  2. Go to File > Open and open up the file you’re trying to upload.
  3. Once the image is open in Preview, go to File > Export…, which will open up an “Export As” dialog.
  4. Below the list of files, you’ll see two settings: Format & Quality (see the screenshot below).
  5. Set Format to JPEG.
  6. Drag the Quality bar until the File Size is somewhere between 50KB and 200KB (we strongly encourage you to NOT exceed 200KB because images that are too large will slow down your site).
  7. Click the Save button.

Once you’ve created your new image, you can then try uploading it again.

For PC Users

If you’re using a PC running Windows, Microsoft Office Picture Manager will likely be your built-in photo editor.  If so, you should be able to follow the steps here: How to Compress Photo Files With Microsoft Office Picture Manager.

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